Data-Shapes Issue

Hello all,

I have been using Data-Shapes in many of my graphs to great success (love it!) however today I have been having an issue with a new graph. When I run it, I get two dialog boxes that appear, one after the other. The first one only contain my data note, and the second only has my data list. I have always had them all together in one dialog box (which is what I prefer) so I don’t know what is happening. I have exited and reloaded dynamo, deleted and replaced the main node, as well as the data note and data list nodes. I did copy this from another graph, however I do this all the time with no problems. Any ideas?

(please just ignore the nodes to the left that are disconnected and the weird text as this is still a work in progress, that is, unless these are the things that are causing the issue! :slight_smile: )

So I just tried something, and if I bypass the "Combine Room Number and Room Name group, then it doesn’t display two dialogs, just the one all together. Does anyone think that it might be the list cycle that is doing this? Would there be a different way to combine the Room number, then a space, then the room name for the list in a different fashion? Thanks!


That is certainly a more elegant way of doing it :slight_smile: And, it fixes the issue with the multiple dialog boxes. Thank you!