DataShapes Listview problem

Hello Dynamo friends,

I´m having trouble to get this to work.

I want the UI to put out the whole List 0 if i select a. But i only get the first item of List 0.

I can´t change lacing of the ListViewData node, so I´m out of ideas how i can get this to work.

Happy about any advice, thanks!

kind regards

Try @L1?

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Oh sorry, forgot to add the script if someone wants to (39.1 KB)

@Marcel_Rijsmus: i tried all possible combinations without success.


Have you tried setting the list lacing to longest?
If that doesnt work you could add the indices of your keys as values and then after the InputForm you simply add a getitematindex node with your original values and indices.

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Lacing can´t be changed, that gives the following result:


I think i get your idea, this workaround actually works:

Thank you @Daan :smiley:

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