Working With Data - Shapes | Multiple Inputs

Hello all!

I am working with the data-shapes node and am trying to work with list data.

Here is my script. I am trying to display all the elements (second input) based off the selection of the category (first input)

When I select, structural framing, I would like to see all the family types in structural framing.

I would like the UI to update the second list automatically based on the first list.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Data-Shapes (Dynamo) doesn’t update this way. A node only executes once per run. You need to break this into two separate windows (nodes). One to select the category and one to present the elements of that category.

  1. Data-Shapes window prompts for selection. Select category.
  2. Use output from selection to get all elements of the selected category.
  3. Feed those elements into new Data-Shapes node for element selection.

Makes sense. Thanks for the quick response! Have a great weekend!

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Hi, Which version of Data Shapes is that? Im intrigued by the check boxes opposed to the drop down list which i get from version 2022.2.105

Thanks in advance

The list of check box options is from the Listview Data node.

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Hey @Jason_Lindner. Were you able to figure everything out? Looks like @Nick_Boyts gave you a good answer! Let me know if you have any more questions.