Data-Shapes Dialogues Repeating After Action Has Completed



I have just created a dynamo graph to add an As Built revision and update the title block status to As Built of selected sheets.
To allow the user to select which sheet types and which sheets of that type are to receive the revision and title block update I have used the Data-Shapes UI forms. However when you run the graph and make the selections the graph completes the actions correctly but then the selection dialogues reappear. This continues until you cancel both of the selection dialogues. If the Element.SetParameterByName node is not connected the dialogues do not reappear. Is there any way to stop this loop.




The Boolean outputs for ‘was run’ and ‘was canceled’ can be tested for true and false respectively, and then you can use that as the Boolean input for the ‘run’ in the second node. This requires the first node to be run, and to not be canceled for the second node to function.



Thanks for your response, I don’t understand what you mean. The graph fully runs correctly completing all of the actions, but the minute it completes it brings up the first dialogue again which you have to cancel, then the second dialogue comes up again which you need to cancel, then the script completes. If the Set parameter node is not connected when run the script just runs the once.



The ‘pops up twice’ issue is because you are running the same graph twice without closing it. Dynamo saved the previous inputs for the datashapes node so the first popup is due to the stuff stuck in the RAM, the second is from the newly calculated input list.

Run the graph via Dynamo player and you will see they only pop up once.

The other advice was to make it so you only have to hit cancel once not once per datashapes node.


I think it is to do with running the script in automatic. I cant run it in dynamo player as the project is in 2016. Thanks for your help. I am just going to run it in manual mode for now.