Data-Shape UI

Hi All, does anyone had any idea what’s wrong with this Data Shape workflow?

if I run individual input, it’s fine. However, if I run multiple inputs, nothing shows up



Hi @Jia98

Remove item 2 & Item 3 in List Create and Try again.

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Wow! Thanks Heaps

Do you know how to populate family type?

Hi @Jia98,

Check out this…

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i think that is a generic one, I had some modified family insert into the library but not showing through this component

Can you keep some screenshots or files

Hello @Jia98,
If your category is fixed, (it may be one or more then one category ) then you can us e this method for collecting all family type of the category


Hi All,

this get me what I need.

My next problem is I need to run the first input using MulitpleForm++ then feedback into the script in order for the second part to extract info. Can any show me how?

If you are trying to trigger a second dialog you need to wire the outup run of the first one into the input Toggl e of the second one

Toggle the 1st UI, if 1st given some output then trigger the toggle for 2nd UI

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