Data isn't transferring between nodes



Has anyone had this issue before?

My elements won’t transfer to new nodes for some odd reason, I have restarted my computer and Revit a few times and the problem still persists.

I have even tried running the “All Elements In Active View” straight to a watch node and nothing will show up in the watch node although it has information in the source node.

I’m Using the newest version of Dynamo:
and also the archilab .net package.


P.S. I know there is a GitHub site for this, but I don’t fancy making another account to keep track of for this one issue, especially if there is a workaround or if I’m simply just doing something wrong.


do you have an element selected in revit or some open command in revit like drawing a line or something like that?

Is it only this graph or revit doc?


Try picking something for the Select Model Element node so it isn’t empty.


Also what Revit version? May be triggering Revit actions with keyboard presses if you aren’t up to date there.


So disconnecting and then reconnecting the nodes seems to be the only fix. I guess I will go through and maunally reconnect all my nodes. :expressionless:

I think we can call this one a bug.



Was this a graph you first created in 1.3 or earlier? If so, I have seen this behavior in different ways. I have decided that I rebuild every graph from scratch when moving it into 2.0.


I think your right, I believe the script was initially created in Dynamo 1.2 and then I updated to Dynamo 2. Good to know.


Hi @L.Cunningham do you have a version of the graph where this always reproduces, if so it sounds like a bug and it should get fixed. Please let me know.


Sorry about the delay, here’s the .dyn of one that has the problem across multiple files. Now the initial “All Elements in Active View” node doesn’t appear to be working.
DuplicateCorrector3.dyn (142.1 KB)


It reproduces for me but on the initial ‘all elements in view’ node. Wondering if this is Revit version related - @L.Cunningham can you confirm your Revit build?


@JacobSmall I’m currently using Revit 2018.


On both systems or just one of them? This appears to be a screenshot of the go to market build of Revit 2018 - meaning that you’re missing about 2 years of updates, patches, and fixes. Definitely want to get those installed as it could very well be the cause (on either or both systems). Build lists (omitting the first ship build) can be found here: