From Revit to Excel - And back (Type Paramters)

Hi All

I’m kinda new to all this Dynamo, but have been working on a script where I can Export objects(and parameters) from Revit to Excel, change the parameter values in the Excel Sheet and then import the changes back to Revit.
My script can do this, no problem.
But at the moment, when I export, every object (in the choosen element) is exported from the model and this results in a very long list of objects and it’s kinda confusing.

Is it possible to make a filter, so the export only includes one of every type, instead of all objects?

For example: If I have 10 beams of type HEB200, it will now export 10 objects, where I would like it to only export 1.

Does anyone know if this is possible? Or is there a samilar thread that might can solve this?

Thanks in advance



maybe this helps:


Thanks Johannes, it worked perfectly!

Hi again

The ‘List.UniqueItems’ worked as it should. But I got some new issues now.

When i’m exporting from Revit to Excel, will the script gather all duplicate elements to one unique element.
But when i’m trying to import the changed data from Excel to Revit, problems arise.
The export has a starting location with start in 0,0 (excel) and when im importing the changed data, my script dosent know that my exported elements has been gathered, so the data isnt located correctly.

Is there any way around this issue, so the changes in my excel sheet will be located to the correct elements.
(First script is Revit to Excel and the second one is Excel to Revit)

Thanks in advance