Good morning, a question.
It has happened to them that they close their dynamo routine and when they reopen the routine is all damaged, and everything that was done as desingscript no longer appears, someone knows how to solve this problem, thanks.

You likely have a conflicting DLL dependency from a Revit add-in. Have them close Revit, disable all Revit add-ins, re-launch Revit, and open a Dynamo graph. If that doesn’t resolve the issue please post your Dynamo log and Revit journal to the forum and I’ll have a look.

Hello, good morning.
I found the node that causes the damage in my routine and is the BimorphNodes package, which is responsible for passing the properties of my DWG files to the Dynamo canvas, I would like to know that another package can fulfill the same function, to pass dwg files to dynamo as this is damaging me, thank you for your response.

The issue isn’t BiMorph, but a Revit add-in. Did you disable those add-ins and produce the clean journal and Dynamo log as requested?

It is true, I deleted all the packages and only installed the one I thought was causing the damage, and it is working perfectly, thank you very much for the suggestion.