Amount daylight

Measuring the amount of daylight entering the space

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Hi .
I now should use of Honeybee but I try do in dynamo its my challenge.
by dynamo plugins…

As far as I know, beyond Autodesk Insight daylighting is not typically undertaken using dynamo. Happy for someone to mention if it is though.

I find some plugins: (solar, TASmanianDevil BIM,Topology energy) …

May please check theirs plugins ?

Yes, you may check them.

I highly doubt any of them are up to the challenge of daylight analysis given how complex it is in Grasshopper itself using Ladybug. You have my advice - if you wish to try Dynamo instead then it’s time for you to experiment.

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Hello GavinCrump

Are you see my work on day light analize?

Is that a daylight study? It looks like sunlight.

Hello GavinCrump
I got the amount “HourlyDiffuseRad"and"GetHourlyDirectRad”