Ladybug Sun Hour Analysis on Vertical Surfaces

Hello, I have been playing around with Ladybug in Dynamo for the first time this last week but had used it many times in Grasshopper. Most frequently, I had used it to analyze hours of daylight on walls for massing studies. Somehow in Dynamo, I am getting odd outputs for any vertical surfaces. It reads the vertical surfaces and correctly casts shadows on the ground, but I am having problems with it analyzing the vertical surfaces. I have seen Sunlight Hours Analysis successfully used for roofs of many different shapes and angled surfaces but was not able to find a solution for vertical surfaces. Is anyone else having this problem? I am still in Dynamo 1.2. !

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Hi @lisamarie.mueller - i have had similar issue before and it was due to the location and direction of the analysis point.

so make sure that the analysis point isn’t located within the surface itself as well the direction of the analysis point is outwards.

Hope this helps.

Thank you, that worked. Good to know I need to pay more attention to the normal of the surfaces and analysis points.