Cutting structural Columns using Reference plane

Hi Guys,

I am wondering if you managed to cut a multiple revit elements using reference plane like the image below? any help?
At the moment, it doesn’t cut the top of the column when i selected the reference plane as a cutting elements.

thank you

Hello…dont think its possible directly with refplane…but something could probably work…

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Thank you Sovitek, l am wondering if you used a custom node or what package have you used? Thanks.

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I use Synthesize toolkit for creating the void normally i use spring family instance, but doesnt work in 2022, but if you are in older version you can just use spring…hope it helps…and for cut is it clockwork

CUT REFPLANE.dyn (25.7 KB)

Thank you Sovitek, l will give it a try, cheers.

Hi Sovitek,

the K-insert node is on red color and not functioning, is this a custom node?