Cut Geometries


I am new to Dynamo and to this forum.
I would like to know if it is possible to use Geometry.Split to obtain the cut between a geometry and another, or do I need instead to install a dynamo package which already includes a custom node to cut geometry?
If you know where I can find a tutorial or a post with help on this matter I would really appretiate it.

I am trying to cut the solid geometry box to the solid geometry cylinder (seen in the attached image).
I have first selected the two elements to get their geometry so that I can then do the cut


welcome to the forum. Do you mean to remove one solid from another?
You can use the node Solid.DifferenceAll:

In this case a remove the volume of the pipe from the box.

GeometrySplit works like a knife: you use a geometry (a curve or plane usually) to split another geometry