Cut out, how?

Hello Dynos,

I have to solids, i want to cut out them but how? Element.Cutout does not work. Can i use a boolean? or is the workflow :slight_smile:


You should be able to use something like Solid.Difference.

it still remains

i tried both differences

is there no boolean operator? or cut solid?

Make sure you remember to hide the previous geometry. Dynamo doesn’t modify existing objects.


Generally speaking it’s better to work with the lower geometry complexity of a surface or curve before making your solids.

Assuming you have the pulled the ‘outside’ edge loops from a set of closed polycurves, you could trim the surface created from the exterior loop with the collection of all loops for a given letter with the Surface.TrimWithEdgeLoops node, and then thicken the geometry.

If you’re in a recent Dynamo build there is also a Surface.Difference node which can help create the openings before you make the solids by thickening.

Both of those will reduce runtime by simplifying the geometry operation complexity, reducing the RAM hit by not having to make multiple solids (ie: 4 solids on the letter B vs 1) and decreasing the number of nodes overall. All of that should make things faster (which likely matters a good bit for something like 3d lettering).


hidding was the key… the surface is ok and sufficient

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