Cut lines diagnoal - surface

Hello there fellow Dynamo Users,

Im really new to dynamo and I think my problem is really simple to solve.
I want to create parallel curves cutted throug a diagonal. The diagonal line represents the edge of a ceiling.


Do you guys have an idea how to get rid of the lines that aren’t part of the surface. In the link below the script I created

SurfaceGridVV3.dyn (18.2 KB)

Use “Geometry.Intersect” node or “Geometry.Trim” node.

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Yes hello Kulkul,

I used the geometry. Intersect node but how do I get rid of the other lines?

Do you have an idea? The script I created is a pretty cool one, its a tool to calculate the length of the panels, carriers and suspension of a ceiling.

If the ceiling is squared, it works great. I think I also have to thank you for that :D. Now I only need the tool to cut sloped surfaces.

dynamo.visueel.script.5.0.dyn (33.6 KB)

It looks like you have the Geometry.Intersect node selected and only the surface cuts are highlighted. I’m guessing your issue is just that you still have the geometry preview on for the original set of cutting curves. Try turning of the geometry preview for the previous nodes in your graph.


@v.verboom @Nick_Boyts guess is right. You need to turn off preview for “Surface.GetIsoline” node:


@Nick_Boyts @Kulkul Fantastic !!! Thanks a lot man :smiley: