Custom Nodes

Hi All,

Starting to look at how to develop custom nodes in C#. I’ve check out the following links as well as some forum posts:

I’ve followed the example but wasn’t able to successfully load the node into Dynamo. What dll’s do you need to reference?

Thanks in advance!!



I am not a C# expert but guys at TT are. Here’s an open source DynamoSAP set of nodes developed in C#. Have a look. Maybe this will guide you in a right direction.

Good luck!

Thanks Konrad for the suggestion. I looked at their example and its the same setup as I’ve been using. I keep getting the error

“workbench could not be opened” when I try to drop in my dll


Hey Charles,

Hope I understood the problem correctly, how u are dropping the dll ? Each time u build the solution, u need to import to dlls to see them on Dynamo menu. (developer mode)

File > Import Library

Then u will see the category that matches the ‘namespace’ of your C# library.

U can start with a simple class library and create one static method returns string “hello world”, it really doesn’t need any of Dynamo dlls as reference to start with. or just clone to sample file , build the solution and Import the dll in debug folder.

Let me know if u need more assistance


Hi Elcin,

Thanks for your reply. That worked!