Share C# Nodes

Hi All,
I have developed a C# DLL for a custom Dynamo Node and it works on the developer’s computer, and when I share the DLL file, on one computer it works and for the other computer it comes up this error:


All computers are using the latest Dynamo version.

Hi @SamBerk

Try right clicking dll file and do the below changes.

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Thanks @Kulkul

I have unblocked it, Don’t help.

Did you also share the .addin file? Is the DLL at the file path mentioned in the pop-up (which is also the file path mentioned in the .addin file)?


It’s not a Revit AddIn, it’s just a DLL for a Dynamo Node, it doesn’t have a .addin file.

Does it have any dependencies keeping it from loading correctly.

It may also ne a .NET version thing as well to check.

Thanks, @SeanP

It uses .net framework 4.7 which is installed on the user’s machine.

Revit 19 for both as well?


And there aren’t any dependencies or other dll files that may not be on the users machine, or in the same location?

From the path name, is this in a local Dropbox sync folder? If so, maybe try putting it on desktop and unlock as mentioned earlier.

Maybe that’s a silly question (esp. since the path is Dropbox) but have you perhaps sent those DLLs by email? I have often noticed that gmail, outlook etc. break dlls (probably some kind of anti-virus protection)

No, I have shared it via Dropbox.