Custom nodes - c#

How can I add a node in c #?
Where the amount dll?
I created the node but lacks the c # code

From the File menu, choose Import Library and pick a DLL file.

(In older versions this might still be in a separate menu…)

Thanks Andreas Dieckmann, excuse me are the beginning
In dynamo I read this program:

namespace ZeroTouchExample
public class ZeroTouchExample
public static double MultByTwo (double inputNumber)
return inputNumber * 2.0;

which doubles the number
Now what should I do to use it?
Thanks for collaborazioone … and sorry but they are still in the early

You can’t use C# directly in Dynamo, only DesignScript and Python.

So you need to build it in Visual Studio. Then you can import the DLL into Dynamo.

Andreas Excuse me, I explained bad
I created the file is imported bill of c # in dynamo with file -> import library
Now I do not know how to use it
There is no one like scipt for python?
Thanks for your cooperation

after importing the dll, you should see a node category in the library that uses your class name, so zerotouchexmaple, with a create node under it.

Does that happen when you import? Do you seen any errors from the console ? –

you can pull up the console from the bottom of the dynamo window.

Thanks Michael Kirschner
works perfectly
Regards !!