Coding custom Node

I’d like to code my own Node in VB.NET, and make Dynamo “recognize” resulting .NET assembly. Where should I look for more detailed guidelines?

recent answer in this thread may help:


Julien, is there a short step-by-step guide on what to do in VB.NET or C# code, what Dynamo assemblies to reference, and where to store resulting binaries for Dynamo to recognize? Just the basics, in fact.

There’s a small guide here:

Be aware, though, that it’s outdated. I would probably wait until the migration from 0.6.3 to 0.7.0 is completed.

If I went through the steps outlined for creating a custom node in C# how would I go about sharing that node with others? What’s the mechanism exactly if they are running Dynamo on their machines? I apologize if this is obvious to others. I’m just unsure how I would give these nodes to fellow users if they have their own install of Dynamo. Thanks.

share the custom as package with the package manager (0.6.3). becomes available then for the community.

Nuri, as far as I know there is currently no infrastructure in place that allows for sharing nodes that are built as DLLs. Have a look at this discussion: