Custom node not behaving as expected

I seem to have stumped myself on this one…

I’m trying to build a custom node which given a limit value returns either the value if lower than it, or the remainder when it’s higher (planning to use it to turn around vectors by their angle about axis to determine if they’re parallel and sort to groups by this key).


It seems to be working as intended when in a Python script, but when I embed it into a custom node it’s returning nulls. I’ve tried renaming the inputs/ouputs and played with @ levels/input list structures and it doesn’t seem willing to work. I know custom nodes make some assumptions about how they should deal with incoming lists sometimes, wondering if maybe this is why (and how to force the list shape onto the behavior if so).

If anyone can see where I’ve went wrong feel free to point it out!

Did you perhaps mean to do this:

remainder = n % limit

instead of this:

remainder = n & limit

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Ah of course… knew it was going to be something simple. Forgot & was the bitwise operator. Thanks for being my eyes on this one - think I went into tunnel vision mode.

That did it… thanks!