Using Custom Node Doesn't Keep Geometry From Each Loop?

I’m attempting to use a custom node I created that places an instance based on geometry determined in the graph. I’m using Springs “FamilyInstance.ByGeometry” node to place the instances.


I’m using the custom node so that I can run the script for multiple areas at the same time and this seems to be the best way to loop a Dynamo graph.

Here is what happens when I click run. First the first instance gets placed with the correct geometry and I see the following:

A second later, the second instance is placed with the correct geometry; however, my first instances geometry is changed.

Has anyone encountered this issue before? I have tried using Beakers “Utilities.BakeElements” node but this doesn’t work for my case. Any help is appreciated! Thanks in advance

Just realized this is probably because every loop I’m changing the family geometry.

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