Custom Node not working

Hi all,

I created a custom node to group elements with a name “GroupName_Today” from the Clocwork Package Group.FromElements.
The script works fine when the nodes are separate. But when I make a custom node out of it, it groups the elements but doesn’t give them the right name (“Group 1” instead).

Does anybody have a clue ?

Group.FromElements_WithDate.dyf (9.1 KB)

be careful of the type annotations on your input nodes - they modify how many times the custom node being executed and on what inputs.

Refer here for an example of the syntax to be used in defining inputs

Hi Michael,

I still have the same problem with another custom node that I’ve just created. I didn’t understand what you said about the type annotation. Are you talking about the types of the input ? LF04_Traitement_Des_Polylcurves_Fermees.dyf (142.4 KB)

input strings are like this

identifier: typeAnnotation - be careful of the rank of the type annotation you use.

It works :slight_smile:
thank you very much!!
and now the script is much faster