Custom node can't be locally published

Hi all,

I’m trying to locally publish a custom node. This node is based on other custom nodes from downloaded packages. Dynamo won’t let me publish them and returns this error :

which means :
“Some nodes are included inside a package. Please only use nodes that are not included inside a package”

Is it not possible tu use nested nodes for a custom node ?

These types of dependencies are doable, but the nodes need to be copied out of the package first. This is to help navigate dependency issues.

In what file should I copy the nodes that I need ? We’re talking about copy, not cut, right ?
Right now, my packages are in this file :

It’d be cut of the entire package, which can be difficult to pull off. As I recall this is set up because you likely don’t want to do this without a REALLY good reason, as it can cause other issues down the line which I can’t remember. It’s been a long time since I’ve had to deal with this (my custom nodes are all entirely my own now), so we may want to seek input from @Michael_Kirschner2 or others who have more history with the intension here.

So you’re saying that an alternative option is to enter the package nodes, copy-paste the Dynamo core nodes into my own custom node, and it works the same ? It’s a shame that you can’t nest nodes. It would be cleaner I think.


I’m facing the same issue here. I’m wondering what’s the best way to deal with custom nodes dependent on external packages. I’m trying to publish (locally) a package of custom nodes. When nested custom nodes come from the same package, publishing is working fine. But now I’m trying to publish a new node which contains “Group curve” from archilab package.

It seems possible to combine these external nodes into custom nodes. BVN package for example has some nested nodes referencing other packages. But it doesn’t work for my own package.

For now, if I don’t find another solution, I might just publish my “own” version of Group curves, as it is a local publish. But it bugs me and it opens the broader question of intellectual property especially if published online. What would be the best practice to follow regarding this question? :thinking:

hmm -

I think this only occurs with local publish behavior, honestly I am not sure why, I think there is a good discussion in the linked pr - I believe if publishing online the package will have a dependency marked, but I guess the idea was when publishing locally that a package was to be made easy to share as a single working unit so this check is done.

Thanks Michael, at the moment my own custom package is published in a separate root folder than the rest of my library. I might try again later by publishing in the same root folder and see if it fixes it. Will keep you posted about that.