Publish dependent packages

What is the rigtht way to publish a node or a package with dependencies on other packages? When I try to do so I get an error message “Publish fail: Files were not found or are contained inside of a package. Please only add files that are located outside of packages”. I tried to place the dyf. files the node depends on in a diffenet folder but the result is the same. What am I doing wrong?
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Have you already published it? If so, use the Manage Packages dialog an publish a revision

No, i have not published it. In fact I don´t really have in short term the intention to publish a dependent package online (I understand it´s quite a mess since it makes you uninstall other packages…) but I just would like to know how to do it (if it´s possible, which I understand it is)
I have to add that I have tried to publish locally. I don´t know if that makes a difference…

I’m having this very same problem… I’m trying to publish a series of custom nodes locally, that all depend on the same (also local) custom nodes. When I attempt to publish each of these nodes, I get that same error as mentioned at the top of the post.

    Common_Node //Used by all three above nodes 

I’ve tried everything from publishing Common_Node before the other three, to publishing Common_Node as part of a package in one of the others, but no matter what, I can’t seem to set it up as a simple dependency.

The ‘publish packages’ dialog seems to support such behavior, but maybe I’m being misled?


Hi all,
I have the same problem. Has any solution appeared since then ?

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Has this been resolved / clarified anywhere?

Even the latest Dynamo refuses to publish locally a node with dependencies…

Thank you