Custom Node Behaviour unexpected

I have noticed recently that custom nodes seem to be behaving oddly.

E.g. i have a clockwork passthrough node in my graph, i right clicked to edit custom node - looked at the info i wanted to see and then closed the custom node. Did not save

The passthrough node has now renamed to the same name as my graph filename


and the Workspace References show clockwork package not being installed correctly

Deleting the renamed nodes and placing them in the workspace again resolved the issue and the clockwork package came back to green tick without shutting down or retstarting dynamo.

I can’t figure out how the nodes renamed in workspace - but they seemed to duplicate as well? I think the guid must have been involved somehow for the workspace reference to detect a problem with the node? it wasnt just a normal rename node.

Just wondered if anyone had experienced similar?


Hi @BrookePeterson,

I encountered the same unexpected behavior when trying to edit custom nodes in Dynamo 2.16.
The custom node takes the name of the graph and its Uuid changes.
The only solution for now is to edit custom nodes without an open graph.
FYI @solamour


Thanks for the ping @Alban_de_Chasteigner - we’ll take a look at this behavior. Feels very buggy :frowning:


Hey @solamour

Another issue i’m repeatedly finding in the Custom Node Editor is that each time I re-open the .dyf file all of the nodes have collapsed to the centre point. Not the end of the world but time consuming when trying to make edits.

Cheers, & thanks for looking into it.


Hrm, yes also a bug and the opposite of intended behavior. In the meantime try “Ctrl + L” which will auto layout your nodes.

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Maybe this issue is related?

This has happened before and is usually a loss of the XY location data serialized into the DYN file - for example old Player had this bug as it was run via the CLI and didn’t load the view, then saved.

So it may be related - but also may not be :smiley:

My experience with custom nodes renaming has been that if I edit a .dyf with an unsaved workspace open behind it, the custom node renames to ‘backup’. I sort of put this behaviour down to the same as what Alban mentioned above.

Edit with a graph open - custom node adopts that graph filename.
Edit with an unsaved graph open - no filename to use so it uses ‘backup’ as the name it adopts.


We’ve internally looked at this and cannot reproduce the problem nor find probably cause inside our code. If there are any reproducible use cases that are extensible across multiple users then we can re-open, but unfortunately right now we’re at a dead end.

Thanks for looking into it Sol,

I can reproduce this at will for you if you would like screen recording of it happening? I can provide whatever logs you would like also if that helps. It happens every time I open a custom node on my system at the moment. (never talk in absolutes right? “Almost” every time I open a custom node :man_shrugging: )


It also appears to have affected the authors package on my local system - this is opening a different .dyn file and going to place the node again - it’s been modified the previous file and action per the video.

@Aaron_Tang would Brooke be able to provide anything that may assist in our reproduction here?

Hi @BrookePeterson I would like to see a recording of such an instance. We have found instances on package manager that the dyf inside does not contain any nodes position data. For those instances, it is expected that everytime you open them, the node positions are on top of each other. To solve that, I would expect users either inform package authors to fix them or resave those dyfs in package folder. Please let me know if you are running into a different case, e.g. the dyf you made yourself lost node positions, etc.

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Hi @Aaron_Tang
Video attached.

Created a new custom node from scratch - saved the dyf.
Opened the DYF and you can see the nodes have no position data


yup, that case is exactly what we have been testing in latest Dynamo release candidate:

For your case, if I understand correctly. You are creating the node in DynamoSandbox and validating that in DynamoRevit? Can you describe your normal workflow to help us digest?

No, for my case I do not use dynamo sandbox. I work only in dynamo for Revit

my usual workflow is very similar to the video i sent. I work in dynamo workspace to test, then when i’m happy with the result, I copy nodes and close worksapce. Create new custom node and paste in my content. adjust inputs/outputs etc and save/close

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Hi Sol,

Here are 2 recordings with the Python node edition of Clockwork and Genius Loci packages.

Dyf name change

Dyf name change 2

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@BrookePeterson @Alban_de_Chasteigner - I see your videos, but can’t seem to reproduce on my end… so there must be something else going on here :thinking:

Builds on my machine:

  • Revit 2023.1
  • Dynamo Core
  • Dynamo Revit

Are you both in a similar build? Could there be an addin conflict? We’ll need to figure out how to get the same results to investigate on our end.

Thanks for your reply :

Revit 2023.1.1

Probably not related but DynamoIronPython package is not installed on your computer.

The name change happens when I click on the File tab to save the script edit.

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Ah, interesting… installing the Python Package did let me hit the bug :slight_smile: Sweet… let me loop back with the team on it!