Refresh custom node behavior in a workspace after editing the definition w/o restart Dynamo?

I have a design with several nested custom nodes. I keep a test graph where I can run through the iterations of each custom node. I am having trouble when I edit the custom node and save it, that test graph isn’t aware of the changes. If I close Dynamo and restart it, my test graph will notice the updates. I have tried closing and opening the test graph, but that doesn’t solve, I need to restart Dynamo. thankfully I don’t need to restart Revit. But, I’m sure I must be missing something! Is there a way to force my test graph to re-load the latest definition?

I did see other forum topic on local publishing of custom nodes, but I’m currently just saving into the standard definitions folder and the nodes do appear in my library etc, so I didn’t think that was the issue.

Thanks for any tips you might have,

Hi @bruce.crock - what version of Dynamo are you working in?

Dynamo Core:
Dynamo Revit:
This came with Revit 2021

Thank you

I just confirmed this behavior only occurs after my first session using the dyf file. Very strange! Here are my repro steps:

Create two code blocks and connect them so they can be selected to create a custom node. The new custom node now show in the home window contains one output.

Select the tab for the definition file and add an output.
Select the home tab and note that the node now has a second output as expected.
Select the custom node tab and save the definition file.
Add another output node to the definition tab, and select the home tab again to see the output is added as expected.
Close the definition file and reopen it, add a new output and it does not appear in the custom node on the home tab as expected. Restart Dynamo to see the new output added.

thank you for the repro steps - tracked internally with DYN-3465.