Custom Node Empty

I created a custom node, it showed in the library and I was able to use it in the dyn file. When I reopened the dyn file, the node was there, but when I open it, everything is gone. Can I assume there isn’t any backup or recovery unless I created it myself?

Looks like you didn’t save the custom node between sessions. Usually Dynamo should ask you about that sort of thing before quitting if you have any unsaved changes.

Just recreated the issue in the stand alone version of Dynamo. Here are the steps so maybe someone can tell me where I am going wrong.

1.Selected Nodes

  1. Edit>Create Node from Selection

  2. Input Name (Test), Description(test node) and Category (Test)

at this point everything works as expected. I can open and close the node and see it listed in the library.

  1. Save (in my case I am saving to an external hard drive…might be the problem?)

  2. Close the file and am prompted to save again, which I do.

  3. Open the file

  4. Node is empty.

I seem to remember Colin McCrone mentioning something about the location of the dyn file being important…unfortunately that’s all I remember. Anyone?

Hi Nelson,

I have this problem as well, and I believe it is due to where you save the file. If you save the node in Dynamo’s reference library located in:


It should automatically load each time. However, if you save in another location, you will need to open the custom node prior to opening a dyn file.

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Thanks for the reply Danny.

I think I finally figured out what is happening. I opened Dynamo and chose Custom Node rather than creating it in a new Dynamo file and it worked fine. So then I created a new file, placed a few nodes and did create node from selection. I am prompted for Name, Description and Category. Entered Test for each and the node was created. I double click the Test node and it opens and everything looks fine. I close it and there is a confirmation dialog saying unsaved changes to custom node workspace “Test” would I like to save them? I click Yes. Back in the home workspace, I then double click the custom node to edit it again. This time the custom node has no name associated with it. I think this is because at this point I still haven’t saved the new file and given it a name. When I close the custom node, again I get the confirmation box, but it says custom node workspace “”. I click Yes…everything looks fine.

I then close the file. I get a confirmation indicating unsaved changes to Home workspace. Would I like to save changes? I click Yes. I name the file Test.dyn. When I go to open Test.dyn, there isn’t a test.dfy in the folder. Opening Test.dyn, I see the custom node Test, and I double click it and it seems to work ( the name is “”, not “test”)…HOWEVER, when I close the session of Dynamo, and then reopen the Test.dyn, I see the custom node test, but when I double click on it, it is empty.

I’m still having the same problem. Whenever I create a custom node and save it in a custom library, the node is not there the next time I start Dynamo. It does prompt me to save the custom node when I close Dynamo but it doesn’t let me specify an actual folder and its not there the next time I open.

The only success I did have was to choose Custom node when starting dynamo. I then created a custom node in a new custom library, saved, and closed Revit. That node and library is there when starting Dynamo the next time. Does this mean that you can’t create custom nodes on the fly?

This is tracked with MAGN-5849