Unable to Rename Custom Node


I have a custom Node that I want to rename.

  1. With Dynamo Closed I renamed the DYF file.
  2. Opened the custom Node, and saved it.
  3. Closed Dynamo.
  4. Opened Dynamo, but under the Library, the custom Node still has the same name displayed. If you add to the graph and edit, the file name in the window xxx.dyf is correct.

So how exactly do you Rename a custom Node? Or do you need to start over?

the file name is not the same as the name of the custom node, you can edit the node by right clicking on a placed instance and editing custom node properties.

Yea I would think this is where you would do it but you can’t edit the Name in the “Edit Custom Node Properties”. You can only edit the Description and Category unless there is some special button to enable.

Edit file name came from @Andreas_Dieckmann comment awhile back, so I assumed there is know a easier way just can’t find out what that is.


I also tried just renaming the node in the window, editing it, saving it and nothing.

Edit the node in a text editor. The name of the node should be in the first line I believe.


Nice thanks John!