Dynamo 2.0 Unable to change name custom node

Revit 2019
Dynamo revit
Dynamo revit

i am unable to change custom node name
if i change the name it will return back into its original name
does someone have the same problem?

i already placed it un github

First I have heard of this.

Can you provide a link to the GitHub page for others to reference?


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There is some challanges with the new 2.0, among these is if you have used lists in codeblock in a node, then you can get errors. My custom nodes that had a list input (meaning { } ) failed. I knew they would do that, thats why I had to recode some of my nodes so they internally used [ ] for lists. Many of these silent things is known if you have followed the dynamo 2.0 development at github… I think many will experiance smaller problems moving from 1.3.x to 2.0.

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This is not specific to 2.0, it‘s been like that forever. There are two ways to rename a custom node:

  1. rename the dyf file and change the node name in its source code (using a text editor).
  2. simply open the custom node in dynamo and use the Save As command. Note that this approach will save the node with a new guid.

Thanks Andreas.

I already used the method to create a new one and copy and paste from old to new.
but using text editor is much better.