Custom Drop-down/Combobox input node on Dynamo Player UI?

Is it possible to create a custom drop down input node that can be shown on Dynamo Player UI? I’m currently using “SpringNodes.Drop_Down Selection”, but this is a pop up windows form. and I think it is better to have a Combobox selection bounded into the Dynamo Player interface just like the built-in Element Types Combobox.

As far as I’m aware you can’t add custom drop downs. This page references the input nodes/types you can use.
Depending on how many options you have, you could use something like a number slider and a watch node to select the appropriate input. (1 = Option 1, 2 = Option 2…)

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Custom dropdowns are possible if they are created in C# and inherit from the OOTB dropdown methods.

Archilab and Rhythm have some nodes that show up in Dynamo player.

Archi-Lab Dropdowns

Rhythm Dropdowns

Bur unfortunately there is no “simple” way of just making a new dropdown. It would need to be created in C# and compiled to a DLL.

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Another option is something I covered a while back in a blog post. I called it “the poor man’s dropdown”. :smile:

Thanks Nick, That is a awesome idea, but it would be better if I can display a string label to show what is the number means from the slider. I can see it form the built-in nodes but wounder if is possible to add your own one?

This is where you’d have to use a Watch node to display a label. I actually prefer to use Data Shapes for user input so I don’t have much experience with the ootb player inputs but it should be fairly straight forward.

Thanks John, any helpful resource for using OOTB dropdown in C#?