Dynamo Civil 3D Python Node To Create Drop Down List


I would like to develop a node that I can input a list into and it will create a drop down list of those items (so that the drop down list can be set as an input for the dynamo player). This node will mainly be used to take a list of styles from within the drawing and create a drop down from those styles for an input in the player (but there are countless possibilities for a node like this). Maybe I am wrong but I don’t see an out of the box node to create drop down lists. I am working on improving my skills using the python node, but will need some help on this. Thanks!

You could look into the DataShapes package for the UI nodes. But if you want to build a native Dynamo dropdown node, then C# is the route you need to go and not Python. Here’s an example showing the base class you’d need to inherit from.

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Hi, I think it is not possible to create a dropdown list node for the dynamo player in this way, because in your script you need to get values from running the dynamo script at the first. For your task, you can create a dropdown model node with c# or just use Data-Shapes package like this: