Curves to boundary

I am trying to create a filled region… what is the problem… I have tried to follow the steps in another post and I can’t find the error…?

What happens if you input the polycurve instead of the seperate curves?

I get the same problem

I’m not sure but i think the node need a boundingbox as input? What does the node ask?

Did you try to use transaction end?

O btw you level list is not the same, try to use longest or set them to the same level

Hi @ammed.riveros

try to change the geometry scaling



apparently the lines must be oriented in relation to the view in which it is located…
If the current view is a section then the lines must be in that view plane… but in my case… I am in the section view but my lines are like in a plan view… I have to do multiple movements to be able to locate them according to my view…
Do you know of any node that takes my lines and puts them on a plane?