Curved Walls And Using Dynamo To Create Voids

Hi All

Complete newbie to Dynamo but after a few experiments trying out scripts others have created and tweaking them, I’m starting to see that more is possible than i first imagined.

So onto my question, has anyone used Dynamo to create void forms in a curved form using an pattern image file. Basically our Architects create / imagine a pattern they would want the exterior of a building to looking like with voids etc, however this pattern is in 2D.

Using Revit and “Cut Pattern” would have the desired effect on a single plane surface but soon as the form curves it distorts the pattern.

Can you use dynamo to “wrap” or “drape” this pattern to the surface of an element and cut out where required? If it’s easier to imagine, think of trying to create a cylinder that has holes cut out of it similar to Kerplunk!


Since Josh can not post pictures, I am posting a picture of one of the 2D patterns he is looking at using the above workflow.

Not trying to speak for Josh, but I think he is just looking to see IF it can be done.

Thanks Tom

I think this might be of help:

Cheers Viktor, i’ll take a look and see if i am capable of applying to my scenario

@Tom_Kunsman are these patterns available as a DWG?

@john_pierson my understanding - no - only as JPG

Well that in itself is a pretty large struggle. What are they (the Architects) drawing these designs in? Surely they are generated somewhere, CAD, Photoshop, Illustrator, MSPaint, etc.

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@john_pierson yes they are available in .dwg and if they weren’t myself or a technician can convert them to .dwg


You should also check out the “Map to surface” example from the primer:


Thank you @Dimitar_Venkov looks like it may be exactly what I need!