Curved room tag to floor


I am trying to create floors from room tags using Dynamo, the script works as expected except in some cases where the room is curved it doesn’t follow the curved line.

That is because you extract the points of the boundary of the room and create a polycurve from it. a Polycurve is a curve made from straight lines through points. If you want that smooth arc like curve for you floor you can use the room boundary

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@Joelmick exactly!
@iAliJ is there a reason why you transform the room boundary curve into a polycurve?

@Joelmick @Daan thank you for your answers

The reason is because why I try that I receive a warning that the curves do not form a closed contiguous loop.Im not really sure if i can ignore that message or not.


@iAliJ ,

Can you create a polycurve from those boundary curves?

Can you explain more what do you mean by that