Create floor curve


I am trying to create a floor from the blue polycurve in image 2. After many attempts, this is the closest I’ve been of getting it, however, when it is created in Revit, the floor is still horizontal (image 1) so I am afraid this is unsuccessful again. Could please anyone give some insight of any possible solution?



Floors in Revit cannot be bent in that way, unless you modify the sub elements and add multiple points across the edges to get your curve. It might be better for you to keep it as a surface and extrude it for your thickness. Hope this helps. Good luck.


Hi @Damien_Desantis
Thank you for your reply.
Just one doubt, if I follow the method surface+extrude, would I get it as element/object in Revit?



You can make a floor with “model in-place” to have a non horizontal floor.

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You can use Spring Nodes to create the form in Revit. It brings it in as a system family - floor.



That is exactly what I was looking for. Many thanks! :slight_smile: