Get Imported CAD Layer properties

Is there a way to get imported CAD layer properties? I’m trying to find a way to convert CAD details to Revit I have a script using BimorphNodes DetailCurvesFromCADLayers and it’s text nodes to covert details easily. The issue I’m having however is trying to create a style map for the layers. I have about 200 views with details and a total of around 200 cad layers.

I’ve tried LinkDWG2 but couldn’t actually get any of it to work. It doesn’t appear to open AutoCAD at all. I also don’t know if this would be a good use of it since I have so many views and details to comb thru.

One option we were investigating was converting the CAD files to a more standard variant before bring them into Revit and using Bimorphs. In CAD line color is strictly associated with line thickness. The issue is I don’t know how we would transpose line patterns to their closest equivalent in Revit.

Because layers and line styles don’t correspond one to one I think it might be better to try to recreate all the layer settings in revit with new line styles and then try to manually match as close as possible with our standard line styles. That way I think we should be able to get the lines styles used in Revit down to 7-15. I will suck having to do this with 200 layers but atleast we should only have to do it once.