Extrude curve using Vector.Rotate node

Dear Dynamo users,

I’m now working on my first Dynamo Script, and it’s give me some headache…
I’ll try to explain my problem with my “French Cow” english ! Hope the attached piece could help you !

PIC.1: I have these form, composed with several curves. All belong to Plane P. The forms is flat, each curve is straight (lines imported from DWG).

PIC.2: I’m looking to get an XYZ system for each curve. X axe should be the curve.
I’m not really sure of the way to create those new systems.

PIC.3: I want to extrude each curve in direction Y, with an “a” angle set in YZ plane.
How help Dynamo to understant that each curve belong his own new XYZ system ?

I tried some tricks with Vector.Rotate node, but something goes wrong…
In the Vector.Rotate node:
-Vector: Should be Y axis node ?

  • Plane: Should be YZ node ?
    For those 2 points, how to explain to Dynamo not to set the general XYZ system, but the several XYZ based on curves ?
  • Degree: I put a number value.

Am I totaly wrong with these process ?
Thank to every people who take some minutes to help me !

Curve.CoordinateSystemAtParameter should help instead of your normal. Your local XYZ may not match but they should be consistent.

Why not build a Polycurve of all the curves and the use a Curve.Offset node?

Thank you Jacob !

I keep separeted lines, because I will apply different angle “a” to each curves.

Ok - so you are finding the tangent vector and rotating by another angle. The coordinate solution should be your best bet to get started then. Building a Polycurve is still advisable to ensure that the Z axis is always parallel.

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Do you think that something like that could be the solution ?

You could also try to rotate the normal of each curve about its axis

extrude.dyn (16.0 KB)


Best to share your graph to this point and a small sample data set to test it on. otherwise we’re likely going to guess wrong as to what your starting point is which can lead to both you and those who try to help chasing their tails for a few hours.

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Hi !

Here you can find my WIP script !

As new forum user, i’m not allowed to upload files…
The two green boxes are for made a first extrusion. It works. I Try top apply my research to the right part oh the script (red box).

Thank you !

Please post to another file hosting service (ie: dropbox, google drive, box, one drive, we transfer, etc.). This will save us some time in rebuilding your content. Note that we’ll need a basic Revit file with the associated content as well.

You can find all files here !

Thanks everybody !
Thak to your advice, I succes to build this part of my script !