All Elements of Category Not Working with Door Tags Category

I have a Dynamo file that works in .9 (Revit 15,16,17). Now have a project in Revit 2018 which requires me to use Dynamo 1.3. The Dynamo file fails at the “All Elements of Category” module for the Door Tags category. The file runs with other categories, although not providing the desired list of Door Tags obviously. Any insight as to how to fix or any work arounds to get the elements of the Door Tag categroy?


Can you upload a picture of your graph?

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See below:

.9 version ran with no errors…


1.3.2 version ran with errors


Error: Warning: ElementQueries.OfCategory operation failed.
An internal error has occurred.

Revit 2017, same model for both runs. Something happen between builds that altered the “All Elements of Category” module. Therefore I need to find a work around. Any Thoughts?

Thanks in advance.

The new tag nodes introduced in 1.2 (?) seem to break the element wrapper for some or all tag elements. This was reported here:

The only workaround seems to be to cast the tags as an element and bypass the tag wrapper. :frowning:

You can use the code there to do that. If you want to collect all tags globally, and not just those in a specific view, just remove the reference to the view in the FEC.