Creation of section view by line returns null

Hey, I try to automatically create section views with dynamo.

My approach returns null both for a line, created by points and also for a selected detail line from revit-model, instead of returning a section view. What is the possible cause for this behaviour?

Which package is the Section View node from?

I am confused why you have a single Detail Curve selected but the node is displaying 16 results.

Looked up what kind of package it is. It´s from Bakery (old version)

So that I can use both Clockwork and Bakery packages, I have currently installed an old version of the Bakery package.

Possibly this node is no longer fully functional. Will probably have to switch to another strategy.

I am having the same problem with the node from Bakery. It looks like it doesn’t work with newer dynamo version. Please let me know if you find any replacement node!

Did you try with a model curve ?