Creation of a slab with slopes using coord points. Excel imported into dynamo

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I want to make a slab of constant thickness (a bit like a road) following a longitudinal profile in X Y and Z (the coordinate points of the central axis are in an Excel file).
I started to make a dynamo, but I crash on several points.

do you have to indicate the points to the left and right of the central axis to be able to enter the slope or a parameter in dynamo is enough to integrate the slope?
I plan to go to an adaptive family, is it the right family?
If I then want to vary the width, how should I take ???
Are there already bits of script to do this, because I’m starting to drown in the knots?

Thanks for your feedback


Original post below.

Je souhaite réaliser une dalle d’épaisseur constante (un peu comme une route) suivant un profil en long en X Y et Z (les points de coord. de l axe central sont dans un fichier Excel).
J ai commencé à faire un dynamo, mais je plante sur plusieurs points.

  • faut il indiquer les points à gauche et à droite de l axe central pour pouvoir rentrer le devers ou bien un paramètre dans dynamo suffit pour intégrer le devers ?
  • Je compte partir sur une famille adaptative, est ce que c’est la bonne famille ?
  • Si je souhaite ensuite faire varier la largeur, comment dois je mis prendre ???

Y a t il déjà des bouts de script pour faire cela , car je commence à me noyer dans les nœuds ?

Merci pour votre retour


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you can use node called “surface by perimeter points” and then thicken the surface .

also, you might connect lines between edge points and then loft to make a surfaces and then thicken it.

This is where I am.
Thanks to an Excel file, I am able to know the points (x, y z) in the center, to the left and to the right of the section on the length of the profile in length approximately every meter.
I created an adaptive family but I do not know why the dynamo does not make me vary the profile according to the points, it is only the central axis which is taken into account, suddenly, there is no variation of the slope from to “z” on the sides.
I think I got stuck on one point in the family profile and also in the dynamo, but I don’t know where!
The first solution that you offer me does not suit me in my case because I must have the returns to the “vertical” and a single element is preferable.
Suddenly the second solution that you propose to “connect the lines between edge points” is possible. I take the test and I come back.
But if someone has the solution to solve my problem with the elements that I started to put in place, I thank him in advance.
Thank you