Floor by grid of points from excel

Hi Everyone,

Is it possible to create a floor (concrete slab) by using points from a excel file.

I have a bunch of xyz points, all 4 corners and internal points.

I have attached a sample .csv file SLAB if anyone can help?



Take a look at this thread. I think will help.


Thanks Gustavo,

I had a look at the thread, I am very new to Dynamo so in the second image of dynamo its missing the start, any chance you can show me how I start this project?


I’d appreciate any help greatly.



Well Al, I’m not that experienced with dynamo so I hope if I write something stupid someone come and correct me. In that thread the author used a CSV file instead of a Excel, despite he mentioned excel at the beginning. Probably he exported the CSV from excel. In your case you can use the read from excel node, as I did in the definition below:







Look just for the 5 nodes at the beginning.

back to the other thread. After he read the file he got a string with all the data and used the string split to separate the data in lists based on the comma. This step you won’t need if you read the excel file. Your data, including the headers, will be in a similar list. The list.map node was used to clear the headers (indices 0 and 1) from each sublist. The Flatten node removed the sublists, making one big continuous list of data. With PointFromString he transformed the strings into points in space (xyz coordinates) which he used to create the floors.

In the second part i think he used category, all elements of category and a code block (I think) to select the floors created before and to apply the slopes to them. I didn’t understand why the floors became flat in the first part (something related to the floor node). I think you don’t need exactly the same nodes to make your definition, just wire your floor creation node and your list of points to the combine node. But you need to connect another PointFromString directly to list.map and use this second list now (without Flatten).

I’ve never tested something like this. This is just how I understand what i see in the other thread, probably you’ll have to make some adjustments.

Hope it´s useful.

Just read your initial post again and saw you have a CSV, so just forget what i said about read from excel, etc.