Text Note on Sheet


I am using the ‘TextNote.ByLocation’ node to place text within my Revit file. However the only way that I can place the text is within a ‘view’. I would like to place the text on a Sheet that has no ‘views’ on it as it only contains text information.

Right now my work around is a drafting view, however every time I update the text note I have to go in Revit and insert the drafting view on the sheet. (This sort of defeats the purpose of the text not being parametric and auto updating from the source file)

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Why not add the text as part of the title sheet then have it controlled by a parameter input on that sheet that you can then modify?

You will have to make a choice for if instance/type parameter as well as possibly adding it to your shared parameter text file.

Can you elaborate? Do you mean make generic annotation with a label and shared parameter and insert it on the sheet?

How would I drive the shared parameter with in the generic annotation family?

Nope I mean editing your title blocks to have this information built into it, then no need to use dynamo to add to all sheets. Then you set the parameter to be project based in your revit project file and just change it via project information and it will change it on all sheets.

This video should help you with generating a new parameter on the titleblocks.

Ah I see what you mean, Unfortunately this information only occurs on one specific sheet, so it cannot be in the title block. But what from what I thought you meant I got it to work in that matter.

Ok if you set it to a instance parameter instead of a type parameter then you can set it per sheet.

Sometimes doing it the revit way is easier than creating a dynamo way :slight_smile:

If you select a Sheet element and plug it in the view field it works.