Creating sleeve for pipe and duct

Hello everyone. I have been following our forumn for a while, and this is my first post here.
I want to create sleeves for pipes by creating solids, so I created solids by extruding their curve without finding intersections between pipes and walls. The problem is to have to move solids to points picked in revit as the distance of wall as well as positions of them. Therefore, anyone could suggest for me the way.
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Hello @dungtien.humg …do you mean like this ?


Hello @sovitek ,
Thanks you for your response. I want to creat sleeves, irrespective of there are architecure or structure models or not. So, I identify sleeves’ position on civils’ plan by clicking computer mouse. I already created solids on dynamo, though I can not move them to accrute positions. Thanks you for your sharing. Have a nice weekend, @sovitek .

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allright…misunderstand :wink: probably i should read it before answer :wink: …so what you want is set location for your sleevers for a point in linked model ??

Yes sir. So I already created solid from center point of pipes and vector. However,I did not know how to move them into accurate positions which I picked by mouse as the position of walls cutting pipes. Anyways thanks you for your sharing, I gained useful dynamo packages from your picture.

Duct.dyn (59.6 KB)
I alreadly made it, so i would like to share the file