Creating section views out of bounding box


I want to create 3 views from a bounding box: 1 plan, 1 section X-Z and 1 section Y-Z.

I’m trying with the SectionView.BycoordinateSystemMinPointMaxPoint but I get an error: “Point Operation Failed”.

Here’s my graph so far:

In this iteration, I’m trying to go with local coordinates instead of WCS coordinates, but I’ve tried WCS coordinates and I got the same error.

Oh and the CreateElementView node from BIM4Struct package doesn’t help me because I’m not working with an element, but a bounding box instead.

Can you help me?


I eventually figured it out!

The way to go was to use the SectionView.ByCoordinateSystemMinPointMaxPoint, but you have to be very careful about the coordinate system and the points.

Essentially, you have to work with “local” coordinates of your view which means creating a local coordinate system with its origin in some point of the boundingbox, based on the orientation of the view you are trying to create. Then you have to specify minPoint and maxPoint according to that coordinate system, bearing in mind that X axis is for length of the view, Y axis its width and Z axis corresponds to the view range.

It’s somewhat a variation of Dieter’s node CreateElementView, in the way that it does not necessarily have to work with elements…


Would you mind sharing a screenshot of your script?