Creating Profile from surface

Hi, I had been trying to create the profile using AlignmentExtensions.AddProfileBySurface node but getting the output as null. Also, I am not getting any errors or warnings!
here is the script that I am using.

I believe the surface input needs to be a surface object, not a string?

I checked it expects the surface input as a string.

Ah OK, sorry I’m not at my PC. Does it work if you don’t provide an input for the label set?

Also, you can check the log file in the temp folder, it might say what exception is being thrown.

It’s ok. No, we need to provide all the inputs for the node. Yes, I’ll take a look at the log file.

Are you certain? I believe it will take the default label set if none is provided. I ask because on another one of the Alignment Extension nodes there was an issue where providing a label set caused an exception.

yes, there is no default values set for the inputs for this particular node.

I stand corrected! I’m out of guesses, so hopefully the log file gives a clue :slight_smile:

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As per the log sheet, the layer name cannot be found. So, I changed the Layer name and the profile got created.
Thanks, @mzjensen ! This was the first time that I checked for the log sheet. I Will make use of it for solving the problems here after. Thank you again for your time :slight_smile: !


Shame on you :smiley:

Learning each day :slight_smile:
Really appreciate your efforts.
Thank you for your time!