Creating precisely aligned bridges in Revit

Dear Dynamo Community,

I have been trying to create a precise bridge structure in revit for a while, but ran into so many problems when making the sweep path and the profile. Firstly, Revit cannot convert the 3D spline data imported from AutoCAD. Also, even if you did manage to draw the spline path accurately in the CME, you cannot ensure completely precise drawing of the sweep profile.

So, this is when I found Dynamo, which is a tool of great potential. Having watched some of the video tutorials, I am pretty use Dynamic can robustly create my desired bridge geometry precisely. However, being a beginner in Dynamo (and Revit, to a certain extent), I really need help to kick start my work, so that I can finish in time.

Can anyone kindly offer some help in how best to set this project up?

Thank you!

Hi Andy,

Is the bridge structure made purely of structural beams?

Does it need to be native revit Structural Framing families?

Do you need to schedule and tag the elements?

Hi Andy,

To get you started, getting the spline into Dynamo can be incredibly easy:

-import your cad file inside revit

-fire up Dynamo and use a “Select Model Element” node in combination with “Element.Geometry”

  • you’ll end up with a Dynamo Nurbs curve


Im unable to enlarge the pic - anyone able to makeout what the nodes are?
Or is their better way to do these things?

Bimorph Nodes