Dynamo => C3D => Revit Bridge Workflow

Hi Dynamo Family,

I am a beginner user of Revit and Dynamo although played around with the software previously. I am trying to find a Civil3D=>Dynamo=>Revit workflow with a complete worked example which illustrates dynamic placement of bridge families into Revit by means of Dynamo which reads road alignment data from excel.

I have searched the internet and have found two good examples by Matthias Stark and Andrzej Samsonowicz detailing steps on how to build the model, from extracting C3D data to family placement.

Please correct me if I am missing something (which is possible given my level of experience) but the custom nodes used in those tutorials are no easy to follow as some of the functionality within the custom nodes are discontinued with the latest version of Revit and Dynamo thus making it nodes impossible to follow.

I am also aware of the Infraworks=>Inventor workflow but due to software limitations I am unable to peruse this further.

Please help.

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Hi @FarhaadShaik,

I think the CivilConnection package will help with this. Take a look at the “Linear Structures Workflow Guide” on the GitHub repo for documentation on how to use it.

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Hello Ramiz,

Thank you for sharing the link.


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Hello Zachri,

Thank you for sharing the link.