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I’m on an adventure trying to uncover a better way to make bridges in Revit. The biggest Challenge in my eyes is to create a sloped curve of a bridge deck in Revit, especially when it comes to the roadway. Roads bank in corners and crown in the straightaways.

I have dream: The “Super Blend”. The ability to control a parabolic curve, then divide it into segments and place numerous different parametric profiles on them. Then extrude the resultant. Can Dynamo be used to create such a thing or am I barking up the wrong tree?


Here is an example profile: Bridge Deck Profile

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Mark - A Loft across multiple profiles (similar to the one in your file) as your cross sections along a parabolic curve is simple and certainly possible. However, I’m not sure I’ve properly understood your intent and requirement.

Hi Vikram,

I’m not actually a Bridge person, but I am the best guy to find answers for our firm. I decided to redline this image as I find my topic a bit difficult to explain. I want to create a curved Parabolic line (Green) and then add custom Revit profiles (Red Sections) along that line. Then for Dynamo to extrude a shape in Revit based on the profiles. Does that help?


Dynamo Idea

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Mark - Definitely doable. Even, if it isn’t as straight forward as I’m imagining it to be, there will be ways, using the already available tools in Dynamo, for you to achieve the desired outcome.

In the uk there is generally a cross over between what the bridges designer and the highways designer would do in relation to civil engineering. Bridge designer would only do the concrete support elements required in there design and the highways engineer would do the rest of the build up above that(tarmac, kerbs,etc). So generally we would just apply a sloping floor for a given thickness between supports as we would import the build up above this from the civil 3d model.

That doesnt help you directly but actually being able to complete this take you will firstly need to decide where this component is going to live within revit(Floor/Framing/Generic). If you would want it within a Floor category then this will only be able to be done via the model in place component.

I would suggest a beam or generic family type so it can be set up as a family element, then you set up a profile family file with all the profile elements as a variable then import that into this new family file. Then setup the family accordingly with either a sweep or swept blend depending on if the profile is variable along its length.


Once all that is done you can get dynamo to apply say the revit framing family along a curve element and set up its profile settings but dont forget you will need to break the applying curve lines up at each profile change prior to applying the family member.


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Thanks all, gives me hope. Big Learning curve ahead :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello ,
Hello , I’m trying to create a bridge with Dynamo , i can’t transform my polysurfaces on a solid or even one surface ! any suggestions? i also want to know , how can i add elements like piles or abutments … ? Thanks for your help