Creating pipes by survey co-ordinates in meters

Hi All,

I’m trying to create a script to insert pipes via survey co-ordinates in to Revit, but it’s not working as intended. I assume it’s to do with either or both, the co-ordinate system and unit conversion.

After reading Simon_Murphy1 post “creating a point at a given coordinate relative to survey point co-ordinates”. It’s apparent that Dynamo places co-ordinates in the Revit relative to the project base point rather than the survey point. So I’ve gone about making a code that makes these conversions automatically, but it fails miserably. I think its down both the project rotation and also the elevation of the base point.

I’ll try and explain my method so you have idea what I’ve done. I’ve also attached a wetransfer link for the Revit file, dyn & Excel file.

  1. Firslty i’ve imported information from Excel containing the Easting,Northing,and Level of the pipes’ start and end centrelines in metres. (my Revit units are millimetres)

  2. I gathered the project information such project basepoint, survey point, project rotation etc.

  3. Took away the project basepoint x,y,z co-ordinates from the pipe co-ordinates to get a set of adjusted coordinates. then feed those co-ordintates in to revit.

It’s confusing that I’ve set a datum level up as 0.000, Dynamo is reading it out a 7.623384 and I don’t know if need to do anymore conversions due to the rotation of the project north.

Please find the attached wetransfer file.

Any help would be appreciated.