Help with floor opening node

I am trying to use the HostedFloorOpening.ByCurves node to export a floor with an opening to Revit. I recreated the methods found in other posts but for some reason it is not working:

Am I missing something?

HostedFloorOpening.ByCurves not working




Hello Kyle,

Could you try adding the floor to a list? I’ll look into making that node more robust at a later stage.

Sure enough, that was the one missing piece… just when I thought I had tried every possible combination.

Please do keep up with the development of this node, as far as I have seen it is the only one that does floor openings in Revit.

2_HostedFloorOpening.ByCurves fixed 1 3_HostedFloorOpening.ByCurves fixed 2

Dimitar, I have been getting a “circular chain of references” error constantly in Revit. It seems like creating the floor opening after the floor elements have generated is causing a redundancy conflict. I am able to work around this by disconnecting the HostedFloorOpening.ByCurves node, saving the definition, closing Dynamo, re-opening, and running only the Floor.ByOutlineTypeAndLevel portion. Once my floors have generated, I reconnect the node and run again to generate the openings.

I wanted to let you know for future consideration as you continue to develop this capability. Thank you and keep up the good work!

circular chain of references Error