Floor Opening on Sloped floor


Hi Everyone,

I am trying to build a script that creates openings on the floor. I have tried to use springs node to create an opening but sadly it works for only flat floor. In my case, The floor is having slopes. Can anyone advise if I am off track?



Hi @Mitesh_Gajjar , can you upload your graph? :slight_smile:



See attached dyn file for your use. Let me elaborate what I am currently trying to achieve.

  1. Select floor from linked model.
  2. Model floor as flat.
  3. Change the slab slope defining editing points.
  4. Cut any openings traced from linked model.

FLOOR OPENING_V2.dyn (83.3 KB)




Do you think this is possible with Springs.FloorOpenings.ByCurves?



Hi All,

So, Today I have tried to do some research on this script. And found out that I can create flat floor first and then I can cut openings in there. If I push the same floor to edit shape points using passthrough, it deletes my openings. However, If I break my graph in (2) parts. P1 = create flat floor and create openings in there. and P2= edit the shape points. That way it works fine. But, I really don’t want to break this graph in parts.

Any ideas?



Have you tried using shafts instead? They can cut both sloped floors and roofs by extruding a planar cutting loop. Springs has a node for those as well.